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Supreme Wealth Alliance Philippines Inc. (SWAPI) is a SEC-registered online business company. A locally registered and legally compliant company — SEC Reg. No. CS201407120 — SWAPI is composed of a multinational team of competent and experienced professionals in various fields of business, technology, and marketing. Overall, it is SWAPI’s goal to sustain a genuine and long lasting online network marketing business that provides real value and a real opportunity to regular individuals anywhere in the world.

SWA Ultimate: Perfect Pay Plan System is designed to provide an ideal program by blending high attraction (two of the best pay plans combined), long term viability, affordable one-time cost, and great value (the Supreme Wealth Library).

SWA Vision

To maintain its leadership role in providing Supreme Life Changing Internet Opportunity for everyone.

SWA Mission

  1. To provide continuous equipping and improvement  among its members and leaders.
  2. To provide up to date useful and relevant products.
  3. To continuously enhance the program in terms of applicability, user-friendliness, duplicability and acceptability.
  4. To continuously provide lucrative earning opportunities.
  5. To provide convenient, simplified, easy to transfer technology.
  6. To provide everyone easy, practical, convenient process that can be utilised anytime, anywhere at the members convenience.
  7. To maximise use of technology in membership acquisition thru an optimised approach.

What is SWA?

Supreme Wealth Alliance Philippines Inc. (SWAPI) is a business online program comprising of a transnational team of experienced professionals in different fields. With an aim to uphold a legitimate and lasting online network marketing business that is invaluable to regular individuals everywhere. SWAPI gives you a superior network marketing experience with its Supreme Wealth Library designed to give you great value.

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